Companies advertising on Find My Optician

We welcome companies advertising on the Find My Optician website linked to the Public Vision, Hearing and Health Information Website published by Primary Health Net Ltd.

Advertising your products and services whether they are health orientated, fashion smart or received well by our readers who on some days have reached 1000 visits.

Our readers reach us either from reading about eyewear fashion, technology or healthcare on the public mylocaloptician site. Or they have asked their browser to search for Optician Locations providing the services they need near them.

Optical Practices enhance their entries (over 7000 at present) by adding more information and providing images that are published with their details.

However you can add your banners and images with links to your landing page throughout the Find My Optician Site. We do not accept any marketing from unregistered providers of vision care to the public.

You can also improve your visibility by advertising on our public information site

How to advertise on the Find your Optician App

This is in the final build stage and we will let you know asap